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Felted Sky

Wood Needle Felting Tool

Wood Needle Felting Tool

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We recommend this tool for larger sculptural projects or putting in the not-so-detailed layers of big flat artwork. This tool was designed by Felted Sky with the help of their local Maker-Space, where it is produced.

This wooden tool features a large, ergonomic ball grip for comfortable felting and seven precision cut holes that are drilled straight. Current tools fit either Felted Sky painted OR unpainted needles.  Painted needles from other sellers may or may not fit depending on the thickness of the paint. The tool comes packaged in a handsome box with seven Felted Sky size 38 Star needles. Any felting needles will fit in the tool though, as long as they are unpainted. If you prefer to work with a different gauge of needle, simply take out the ones that come with the tool and put in the other needles.

---- You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver to insert needles into this tool. --
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