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Weaver's Choice Heddles

Weaver's Choice Heddles

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The Kromski Weaver’s Choice variable dent heddle makes it possible for the weaver to decide exactly what size heddle to use on a thread by thread basis.

We are no longer confined to using a single sized thread for the warp. Nor are we confined to one size on a given section. Each heddle is an individual piece, thus allowing the weaver to use an endless combination of thread sizes.

Available for all Kromski Looms, including the Harp and the Presto (all sizes).

Included in the Weaver’s Choice package are:

  • 4 wooden pieces – per size: Two of them are flat on one side with the Kromski logo stamp. The other side has a “shelf”.  The other two are flat on one side with no logo and curved on the other side.
  • 2 Metal Brackets – per size.
  • Brass Knobs, Washers and Screws (6 each for the 8” and 16”, 8 each for the 24” and 32”)
  • Each heddle comes with an assortment of individual heddle pieces 12, 10, 8 and 5 dent.
    The 8” includes 20 of each.
    The 16” includes 40 of each.
    The 24” includes 60 of each.
      The 32” includes 80 of each.
      • Extra Heddle Packs are available which include 20 each of the assorted sizes.
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