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Pastel Chick Crochet Kit

Pastel Chick Crochet Kit

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Meet Pastel Kiki the Chick Been seeing pastels everywhere these days? Pastel us about it! We’ve noticed too, which is why we’re totally loving the soft hues on our latest version of Kiki the Chick! As one of our absolutely simplest Woobles ever, this chic little chick couldn’t be more newbie-friendly. That’s because this kit lets you Kiki things up to the next level via our rainbow-lievable new colors rather than any complicated techniques. Just grab some Easy Peasy Yarn™, turn on our step-by-step videos, and get your hook ready, ’cause it’s time to bring this Kikincredible lil’ companion to life! 

Easy Peasy yarn that cannot fray - 4mm crochet hook - Stuffing - Plastic eyes - Tapestry needle - Stitch markers 

For Ages 12+

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